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SharePoint 2010 IE Plugin and App-V

One of our customers reported issues when opening documents from their local SharePoint 2010 environment using Windows 10.

On a freshly deployed Windows 10 machine, when an Excel document is opened
from SharePoint 2010 the following dialog pops up:

However, on several test machines, instead of the dialog, SharePoint 2010 opened Excel Online.

Whenever we pressed the “Open in Excel” button the error message stating “To open this workbook, your computer must have a version of Microsoft Excel installed …” appeared.

I checked for the SharePoint plugin (interceptor.dll) in Internet Explorer:

This seemed to be working fine…

And as (almost) always, after several Google searches, I wasn’t the only one with the issue.

I first found:

The previous post leads to this blogpost.

To verify we had the same problem, we stopped the App-V Client service.

Restarted the browser, opened SharePoint… and yes, the plugin was working again.

The reason why we had this issue to appear on just some of our workstations was related to App-V package installations, we activate the service just before the first App-V registration.